Can I register for the TBR Trainer Certification Course (TCC) when I’m not a TBR Practitioner yet?

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If you book the Full 3-day Package, you’ll complete the TBR Practitioner Class on days 1+2, so that’s fine.

Otherwise, you cannot register for, and participate in, the TCC when you haven’t completed the TBR Practitioner Class yet. In particular, you cannot register for the TCC merely expecting that you will complete a TBR Practitioner Class, before the TCC takes place.

If you register for the TCC only (i.e., day 3 only), you must be able to provide your existing “Certificate of Completion” for the TBR Practitioner Class that you have received, in the past. Failure to provide that certificate upon request will lead to your TCC registration being cancelled, immediately.