There is a European option to become a Certified Trainer for
Sharon Bowman’s

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Featuring the complete 3-day Package:
Become a TBR Practitioner and a Certified Trainer for TBR – in Europe!

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TBR Practitioner Class

The popular, 2-day class on Sharon Bowman’s Training from the BACK of the Room!

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Trainer Certification Course

1-day Licensing and Certification Class. Prerequisite: completing the TBR Practitioner Class

September 21st – 23rd course event: Health precautions

The course will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany. “Am I permitted to enter Germany?” is a frequently-asked question answered here.

To protect the health and well-being of our participants and those they will have contact with, physical distancing and all other local health regulations that are in force will be strictly observed and enforced throughout this course. All training activities have been adapted, accordingly.

You can find all ticket sales details (types, sales periods, prices) in this archived issue of our course notification letter, and if you want to be 🔔 pinged a few hours before the actual ticket sales start, you can add yourself to the course notification newsletter.

What participants of the TBR Practitioner Class say:

It’s amazing to see what’s possible in training and course design. Lots of things to do now, to deepen and to complement. And then of course: practice, practice, practice.
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