There is now a European option to become a Certified Trainer for
Sharon Bowman’s

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Featuring the complete 3-day Package:
Become a TBR Practitioner and a Certified Trainer for TBR – in Europe!

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TBR Practitioner Class

The popular, 2-day class on Sharon Bowman’s Training from the BACK of the Room!

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Trainer Certification Course

1-day Licensing and Certification Class. Prerequisite: completing the TBR Practitioner Class

What participants of the TBR Practitioner Class say:

Thanks to Rolf (who has translated this course into German as well) I was able to fully focus on the content, without any language barrier. Being careful, open and appreciative he made it easy for me to introduce my own questions (also the critical ones). Besides that, I really enjoyed the exchange with my fellow trainers – and to benefit from their ideas & experience!
Veronika KotrbaCoach | CEOsinnvollFÜHREN GmbH